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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy discusses how your Personally Identifiable Information (PPI) is being used by our site. PPI is a compilation of information on a single user that can be used to identify, contact or locate the user. Please study this privacy policy closely so that you know how your PPI is being used by this site.

What information is being collected from my when I visit this site?

When you become a user on our site, either by registering, subscribing or ordering, we may ask you for personal information such as your name, address, phone number and credit card information.

We take your personal information very seriously and take steps to ensure that it is safe.

How will you use the information you collect?

Your data helps us in a variety of ways. It’s mostly used to help enhance your experience with our site.

We may tailor some aspects of our website, for example, which we may alter which items show up on your searches based on your needs.

We constantly try to improve our website. The information we collect from you is vital in helping us make our website more user friendly.

We will be able to respond to your customer service requests quicker and more efficiently.

We use user data to determine when to start sales, promotions and other site features.

We will be able to process your orders faster by using data from previous orders.

We will ask you for your feedback and rating on our website, products and services that you have accessed.

How to you protect the information you collect from me?

All information we collect is stored and secured with Secure Socket Layer technology. This ensures that the information is accessible by only a select group of people. We require that everyone who has access to this data keep it strictly confidential.  

We also regularly and consistently scan our website. We have programs that check for the most common viruses, security threats, and vulnerabilities. We take your personal information seriously and refuse to jeopardize your well being because of our mistake.

When you purchase from us, all transactions are processed though a highly secure third party gateway. We never store or process any purchases on our website.

We do not use malware scanning on our site.

What are “Cookies” and what do you do with them?

You have the ultimate say in whether or not we collect cookies from you. You can enable or disable cookies on your web browser. Cookies are small files that allow our website to recognize you when you visit our site. This allows us to load material faster and remember certain information about you. For example, the items in your shopping cart stay there once you leave our site thanks to cookies.

Our site, specifically, uses cookies to remember your shopping cart, remember your preferences, keep track of what ads you have already seen, and collect data about site traffic. Some of this data may be shared with third party companies who help us analyze it and improve our website experience.

If you disable cookies, some features of our site may not work as intended.

Will third parties ever get my information?

We will never exchange or sell your personally identifiable information to anyone. However, we may need to share some of this information to third parties that are vital to our business such as shipping providers or companies that help us maintain our website. Any company that receives your information is bound to keep it confidential.  We also will release your information if we are required to do so by law. Non-identifiable information may be provided to marking or advertising agencies.

Do you use third party links on your site?

We will never put a third party link on our site If you think you see a third party link, please contact us.

Does your site utilize Google Adwords?

Yes, we have a relationship with Google Adwords. Google Adwords collects cookie data from your computer and uses it to tailor advertisements based on your specific needs. As a Google partner, this happens on our site as well. We allow Google Display Network Impression Reporting and Demographics and Interests Reporting. This is simply information that is provided to advertisement purchaser’s so they know who is viewing their ads.

Can I opt out of Google Adwords data collection?

Yes. You can opt out using the Google Ad Settings page or by downloading and installing a Google Analytics Opt Out rowser add on.

Do you comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act?

Yes. We will never collect any information from a child under the age of thirteen, nor will we sell products marketed towards them.

Do you follow Fair Information Practices?

Yes. These standards have been put in place to ensure the safety of your data online. We abide by all practices and laws pertaining to online security. Specifically, we support the Individual Redress Principle. This allows you to take legal action against websites and individuals that collect personal data in violation of the law.

Are you in accordance with the Can-Span Act?

Yes. This act creates the federal rules regarding emails and online communications to customers. Most importantly, you have the right to unsubscribe from any emails you may receive from us.

What will you use my Email address for?

We collect and store email addresses so that we can:

            Respond to inquires.

            Send information to you such as order updates, sales and requests.

            Send you additional information regarding products you purchased from us.

            Add you to our mailing list and provide you with up to date product information.

We will never:

            Mask an advertisement as another type of email.

            Use misleading subjects or email addresses.

            Include the physical address of our headquarters or principle place of business.

            Unreasonably delay or ignore unsubscribe requests.

            Hide the method to unsubscribe from emails.

            Use a third party email service that does not comply with CAN-SPAM.

Please note the instructions at the bottom of every email on how to unsubscribe.

How can I contact your company?

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or general inquiries regarding our company, please contact us at:

7300 Placida Cir

Mechanicsville VA 23116