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First Responder Prep LLC

Company Overview & Services

First Responder Prep, LLC is a company that provides a number of unique and innovative training programs and training products for first responders. First Responder Prep is the first to develop rub-for-scent technology and scent association training products for emergency responders to include; chemical weapon ID, marijuana ID and smoke danger ID child safety training cards.

Owned and operated by Rod Davis, retired Criminal Investigations Captain with the Stafford County, VA Sheriff's Office with over 37 years law enforcement experience. 

Actively serving as a fully sworn Auxiliary Deputy with the Stafford County, Virginia Sheriff's Office training unit and as an adjunct instructor for the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy, Fredericksburg VA.

Captain Davis a law enforcement instructor since 1977, is certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services to teach general law enforcement subjects, defensive driving, firearms and defensive tactics. 

He has extensive course development and delivery experience.


Currently available training programs:

Professional Development

Law Enforcement & The Constitutional Mindset (8 hrs.)

Ensuring Professional Conduct (4-6 hrs.)

Tactical Diversity (2 hrs.)

Active Shooter Response Overview  (1-2 hrs.)

Professional Instructor Development (2 hrs.)

Drug Trends - Heroin (2 hrs.)

Spice, Bath Salts & Excited Delirium (2 hrs.)


Arrest Control & Defensive Tactics

SmartForce Arrest Control & Defensive Tactics (1-3 day course)

Tactical Baton (4 hrs.)

Tactical Handcuffing (4-6 hrs.)

Advanced Weapon Retention (6-8 hrs.)

Courses can be provided on-site and tailored to individual agency needs.

For more information, please contact Rod Davis @, or by phone (804) -317-9070

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