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Disasters are coming. That is a fact. With passing day, new disasters are becoming more and more frequent. The recent resurgance or Ebola and the current threat of Zika have brought new light to the rising risk of pandemic and crisis. And it is the responsibility of everyone to not only prepare, but to set themselves up for recovery.

At New Disaster Prep, we understand that preparing for a natural disaster is so much more than just hoarding goods. Not only do you have to prepare by storing up enough supplies to last as long as the emergancy continues, but you also have to be prepare to endure. While most emergancies only last a few days at most in the United States, it is still extremely common for a tornado, hurricane or flood to devistate your home. Being prepared and having a mindset to endure the disaster are the keys to recovery.

So let us help you prepare. We have a wide selection of emergancy supplies from freeze dried foods to survival kits and 72 hour kits. We also have resources teaching you how to survive both common emergancies like blackouts and massive disasters like floods and tornados. We also go a step ahead and provide supplies you and your community needs to recover including commercial grade cleaners.